Something Don’d on Me! 5-16-18

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”
 -II Tim. 4:7

My friend, Andy Mason and I, have been playing guitars together for over 15 years now! We’ve played coffee houses, fairs, & events for all this time and I always have a blast doing that. We play 2-Man Acoustic Jam stuff-James Taylor, Jackson Browne, the Eagles and a smattering of other fun tunes-and we have a great time doing it. One time, early on in our playing days, I remember I was having a rough night. My fingers weren’t cooperating, the music stand wasn’t holding up, my guitar cord got tangled, and I was just off. As the set wore on, I was losing my confidence and just wasn’t “with it”. I apologized about one song-that I had not got started right and I felt like I messed it up. He looked at me and said this: “Don’t worry about it. They won’t remember how you started a song…if you finish it strong!” Sage advice, that was.

Why is it every year we have New Year’s Resolutions…but we just try to “make it to the end of the year?” It seems we start each semester with notions that THIS year I won’t procrastinate…and we quickly here ourselves saying “I just want to survive to the end.” We often put the focus on how we START…but rarely put our energies into ENDING well!
When Paul saw the end of his life was near, he said, “I have finished the race.” But in another place, he said, “I run with purpose in every step!” (I Cor. 9:26 NKJV) He wasn’t just speaking of the end of his life…he was speaking of ending every PART of his life with purpose! He was trying to teach us to FINISH strong!
Let me ask you this: How have you been FINISHING assignments lately? Do you work your best to finish your tasks with gusto…or do you just try to survive it? We are coming to the end of a semester/school year: are you finishing strong? We are almost to the mid-way point of 2018-are you finishing strong? Some people are changing jobs, changing houses, changing seasons in their lives: are we FINISHING STRONG?
Please note this next statement: How you FINISH this assignment might determine your NEXT assignment! So I think what Paul is telling us is to look at ALL your steps and run them with PURPOSE! I wonder if we get started strong…but we get lost in the middle and we miss the concept of FINISHING strong! It’s easy to get distracted… discouraged…or see all of the work and not see the light at the end of the tunnel! I think Paul is encouraging you to see the end, and that will give you strength in the middle!
Maybe you started out rough…you can still finish strong! You might have had a few stumbles in the middle of your assignment…you can still finish strong! Make the choice today to run with purpose in EACH step…and you WILL finish strong!
Heavenly Father, give me strength to finish strong. Keep my eyes on the FINISH of projects, not just the start. Let the Glory go to you for projects and assignments. Help me to see that You are with me at ALL stages! And help me to live each day with purpose and to finish strong! In the name of Jesus, Amen!