Something Don’d on Me! 5-30-18

GARAGE SALE…two words that strike FEAR in the hearts of some… and make other hearts pitter-patter just a little faster! The THRILL of the early morning dig-through!! The EXCITEMENT of that “found” morsel in a pile of cast-offs. The RUSH of making the “deal of a lifetime”…and rushing to the truck before someone realizes what a bandit you are!!

To others, the idea of people knocking on your garage door at the crack of midnight, and pawing through your things…or having to work hours on Friday pricing and folding, only to watch your nice neat stacks of clothes, demolished inside 10 minutes of opening! To those people, there’s only one letter’s difference between a garage sale and a garbage sale!
Some LOVE the idea of garage sales…others loathe them! I would be in the “former” category! I love NOT paying retail! I love finding something that could be my “treasure”from someone else’s trash!
That last statement is the mantra of the TRUE “Connoisseur ofle Garage Sale”-one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure! My Dad, my sister and I recently jumped into a garage sale with both feet! We had accumulated piles/boxes/bags full of “someone else’s treasure” in our garages, and it was starting to be difficult over which to climb! We usually pile things out on the pavement in front of the Print Shop…and let people go at it! It was a sight to watch!
But I couldn’t help but hear that phrase in my head: “Another man’s treasure,” as people dug through our “junk.” We had accumulated MANY things, that, AT ONE TIME, we purchased with a purpose! Over time, that purpose had changed, that waistline had grown, that toy didn’t entertain as it once did, that décor had not matured with my tastes. So what was once MY treasure…was now going to belong to someone else.
I was a little overwhelmed then by the thought of what my Savior thinks of me! Sometimes I feel FULL of purpose and ready to make the world aware of how Great He is! Other times, I feel less valuable, no longer fit, and wondering if my tastes and skills are outdated. But my Heavenly Father, and my Servant Brother, never tire of me! They have never tossed me out on the lawn to let others find value in me…HE PUTS HIS VALUE IN ME!!
The world may have made you feel like trash this week…can I assure you that our God thinks YOU ARE HIS TREASURE! He scours the refuse piles of this world, to buy you for a VERY expensive price, to dust you off, and to TREASURE you as that “pearl of great price!” (Did you ever wonder if that parable is really referencing Garage Sales? Just a thought…)
You are worth EVERYTHING to our Father! He finds you beautiful, valuable, and still having great purpose in you! Don’t think of yourself as tossed out…but rather as PICKED OUT! Because He loves you!
Father, help me see myself as YOU see me-valuable, wanted and worth the effort! I don’t feel it sometimes…but I know that see each of us as “AMAZING” and you have transferred your great worth into our messed up lives! Thank you for the gift of your “beautiful exchange!” May wewalk in the truth of knowing that this week! In the name of my Brother, Savior, and Friend I pray, Amen.
Shalom, Don