Something Don’d on Me! 6-13-18

“All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper[a]), and to prayer. A deep sense of awe came over them all, and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders.”
Acts 2:42-43

We just returned from a POWERFUL week at El Porvenir High School camp! We had 27 up there (kids and adults) and we head back there for Junior High week this Sunday! We have 36 signed up for that week!! Thank you to ALL that have financially supported, that have prayed for and that continue to love on and encourage our AMP group!
The Theme at HS Camp was “THE TABLE”-we discussed how Jesus INVITES us to the table, that we are LOVED, we are VALUED, we are SEEN, we are REDEEMED…and all of these are personal to each one of us! This concept was really encouraging to me, especially when we got to the last day and read the verse that is listed above! To see the body of believers come TOGETHER and bring others to the table…that really was powerful to me!
And then in our group, Dennis (one of our adult sponsors) brought out a quote of something that he had been reading. In the King James Version, the verse above uses a different word. It says, “And they continued…” It actually uses that phrase 3 times in the passages at the end of that chapter! And it really hit me…THEY KEPT GOING!
And they continued…when the times got tough and people were getting on each other’s nerves, they continued. When the money was short, and the fears were tall…they continued. When someone was in need…they continued!
Do you need that phrase today? Do you need to be reminded to CONTINUE? To stay STEADFAST? Maybe your marriage is struggling and it’s been a long time since those “vows” mattered…do you need to CONTINUE? Maybe God has felt far away from you as you read His Word. Do you need to be reminded to CONTINUE in your seeking of Him? The bills keep rising, and the income doesn’t. It’s easy to look at the short term and cut out some things like your commitments to God. Will you CONTINUE??

Franklin & the CentralWired Praise Team leads us often in a song called “Steady Heart” -( if you want to watch it) and it often reminds me…CONTINUE! God is calling us to have a STEADY heart that keeps on going, a steady love that keeps on hoping! And maybe He is talking to YOU right now! How steady have you been with God? What’s your prayer life like? Have you been in the Word? Maybe you need to get BACK to church!
I love that the First Century Believers HUNG IN THERE! Do you need someone to “hang in there WITH you?” Let us pray for you! Let us lock arms with you! Let us CONTINUE ON together!
Almighty God, Forgive me when I quit to quickly, give me a steady heart, one that continues on…even when we can’t see what is happening! May we be filled with a sense of AWE as we hold on to each other! Through Jesus we pray, Amen
Shalom Alachiem, Don