Something Don’d on Me! 6-8-18

“I have come to ignite a fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!”
~ Luke 12:49

As I type this, I am sitting in the beautiful surroundings of El Porvenir Christian Camp, with 27 of our High School Students and volunteers, studying, worshipping and seeing God at work! But it’s interesting this year, because the Santa Fe Forest that surrounds this camp is completely closed to campers. We are about 70 miles south of the tragic “Ute Park” Fire up near Cimmarron. (We are safe…please don’t worry.)
But we have heard the words “BURN BAN” quite a lot recently. As tinderbox-dry as it has been this year, no one is shocked at that phrase. However, when rangers went into the forest after the Memorial Day weekend, they found almost 100 fires left unattended!! Even after posting signs, advertising on the radio, TV and everywhere they could find…people still were not listening!
Fire is spoken of in scripture MANY times. We see that the “Tongue is a small member but can set a forest ablaze!” (James 3:5) God is referred to as a “Consuming Fire” (Heb. 12:29) and even appeared to the Israelites as a “Pillar of Fire” (Exodus 13:21). And even Jesus speaks of fire in the verse listed above…but it’s here that I want us to dig a little deeper!
I love how Jesus speaks in parables and metaphors, and if you’re not careful, you could miss His point! Taken out of context, you might think Jesus to be a pyromaniac! But I believe He is speaking of a different KIND of fire! I think Jesus is talking about seeing a world on fire…FOR HIM!
I saw a blog recently that was talking about A Daily Dare. For 30 days, they were going to send you a text with a spiritual challenge for you to attack. Here was one of the “Dares”:

Spend 15 minutes in prayer asking God to fill your heart with
Passion and power to make an impact today.”

Such a simple little exercise…but it really does answer what Jesus was saying: “Ignite a fire on the earth!” Can you pray that? Can you spend 15 minutes praying for God to use YOU to impact Portales?? Maybe that’s by connecting with someone at work! Maybe that’s by sending encouraging texts to a few people! Maybe it’s by going on a prayer walk around a school or the church building! Do you realize that Jesus was speaking of YOU when He was talking about “kindled fire?”
We WILL make an impact on Portales! That is one of our core concepts at Central! We use it in our 20/20 Vision…but it’s not just for the staff or the Pastoral Board…IT’S EVERYONE! My dear friend, Franklin wrote a song recently that we sing in our Worship Times called Ignite Our Hearts. The chorus includes lyrics like this:

Ignite our hearts, burn with fire
For the one who sent His Son!

Fire is a powerful tool that brings life, or it is a destructive weapon that destroys everything in its path. It has many uses and purposes, but in God’s word, it frequently represents the powerful presence of the Lord. May we together seek His Presence…and may we as a collective body of Believers ignite a passion for Him today!
Can you pray for that WITH me today? And while you’re at it…let’s pray for rain to help THOSE fires in Northern New Mexico, too!
Shalom Alachiem, (Peace Be Unto You)