Something Don’d on Me! 7-11-18

Rarely do I do “product recommendations” from the Pulpit or this email…but I get asked often, “Don, what version of the Bible should I use?” I often use that quote that Franklin uses: “The Best version of the Bible is the one that you will READ!”

Having said that, when I teach from the Pulpit, I most often use The New Living Translation (NLT). I have found it readable and accurate. When I’m studying, I use NIV, ESV, NAS, and sometimes the Amplified…just to have a wide viewpoint of what the text is saying. I recommend using a format that is COMFORTABLE for you-get one that is readable (some of us are starting to use the Larger Print Bibles! And make sure it is one that you will BRING WITH YOU!! I encourage highlighting and marking in your Bible…but you may not want to do that! Then get a journal that you keep along side your Bible and write down verses that jump out at you andquestions you might have for later! Then email me, Franklin or Dennis with those questions…and let’s STUDY together!!

We have a BIBLE on our Central Christian App!! Our App is available for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store! Also there are MANY online Bibles for Free! I use Bible Gateway a lot and Blue Letter Bible. Both are easy to use and free! There’s also one called the “LOGOS BIBLE” that is an App (And a paid one)-it has a feature that if you just hold your camera over the Sunday Announcement Sheet, it will see our sermon reference and immediately go to that passage in the Bible!!!

For parents of Elementary Aged kids: I want to recommend something that Suzanne and I stumbled on at Christmas last year! It’s called the “Action Bible!” This is a Children’s Bible that is created in COMIC BOOK form! It is NOT a complete Bible by any means, but it DOES handle a large amount of scripture in a very VISIBLE format. We got one for our 7-year old(at Christmas), and he has already read THROUGH IT COMPLETELY FOUR TIMES! I’m a BIG believer in this thing and I highly recommend it for pre-school up through about 3rd or 4th grade!
I’m writing all of this about Bibles to say this: YOU NEED ONE (or more!) AND YOU NEED TO USE IT!! If you do not HAVE a Bible, talk to me…and I’ll GET you one!! And if you wear it out, I’ll get you another one!! We want to be a BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH…AND a Bible-USING Church!! Bring your Bible with you this Sunday…and let’s study together!!