2020 VISION webpage


I’m saying it right now and believing it…by 2020, Central Christian will be ministering to 750 people or more on a weekly basis! Some may think this is a bold statement…I think it is not only doable…it is the BOTTOM end of what we can do!

Surveys tell us 18-22% of Americans attend church regularly. I think that’s a bit high, but for arguments sake, let’s use 20%. The sign outside of town says Portales has 17,000 people. I ALSO think that’s high, so for mathematics sake, let’s say 15,000. If the surveys are true, & our math is correct, then 3000 people in Portales should be in church on any given Sunday. You and I both know there is NO WAY that is happening. 1500 would be 10% of the population. 750 would be 5%. I believe we can be at 750 in 6 years…because our impact is going to be MORE than 5%!! And please understand…numbers don’t equal Kingdom-growth! But we WILL be impacting more people and consequently our impact on the Kingdom will be larger!



We will start new things that no one has ever done…because we will keep asking the question: “What COULD we do for the Kingdom?” Here are just a few of the ideas I think will happen:

  • Central WILL have multiple sites as a part of this church…but they won’t all be buildings! I believe the future of the Functional Church will not be in large Capital campaigns-it will be technology based! The newer generations are VERY tech-based and if we want to minister to a different generation, we can’t do it building churches that already exist. As we develop our Video Ministry & Live Streaming, we will see a growth in outreach…& I believe a lot of it will be RIGHT HERE in our own back yard! College…Young Professionals…Military…they will see Jesus in a new way!
  • Central will aggressively try to reach Hispanic Population! Our area is at least 60% Hispanic, yet our auditorium is predominately white. We need to look for new ways to reach a culture that I do NOT have a connection with…but am willing to try. What ever it might be, if we CARE about reaching the lost of our area, then we need to have the COURAGE to try some things that aren’t on our radar just yet.
  • Central will attach to the schools! We have stated multiple times that our FOCUS is Children, Young People & Families. And we have been blessed with MANY families at our church that are school teachers or work in the schools. AND we are a mere 2 blocks from an Elementary School…WE NEED TO BE ATTACHED TO SCHOOLS! Here are some ways that we could begin to partner with schools:

-After School Programs: specifically aimed at tutoring and strengthening self-confidence. When kids can read and write, they will be stronger in school and in life!

  • Central will continue to be a part of Community Organizations & the Portales area will KNOW that we believe in our town! We have been involved with Ministerial Alliance, United Way, Salvation Army, the Food Bank of ENM, Alcoholics Anonymous, the Chamber of Commerce and much more. We need to CONTINUE to do that and be an even stronger presence! As we see growth in our church family, we will see growth in our community and in the needs of our community. We are already the Resource point for Alcoholics Anonymous in Portales…Can we be the Point Place for United Way’s involvement in Portales? YES! Can we be the Distribution Point for commodities from the Food Bank of ENM? YES! Can we reach out to Cannon AFB personnel thru the Chamber? YES! And so much more!
  • Central will pursue Women’s Ministry Opportunities even more! We have been so blessed to have women serve in many roles…have we ever wondered if we should minister MORE to Women? I’ve been thrilled with how our Ladies Classes and small groups have advanced over the last few years, and I pray we continue to look at ways to strengthen the lives of our women.
  • Central will create more opportunities for Men’s Ministry to occur. The success of our Ladies Class has caused many to “wake up” to the need for us to strengthen our Men’s ministries. We must be intentional in ways to encourage men to be the leader of their home and to be Men of God! This might include lunch meetings or classes or other creative methods not yet discovered, but we WILL work diligently to empower our men!
  • Central will be integral in the outreach of the Christian Campus House for many years to come! In the last year, we have seen incredible growth in the students and investment in the facility at the Campus House. Let us NEVER lose sight of what the PURPOSE of that Mission Point is to be: a place to introduces students to Jesus! May we continue to invest in this work financially and physically.
  • Central will invest even MORE in our Missions Program! With our new “Forward Funding” formula beginning in January 2014, we have committed to 10% annual giving to missions. Think of what we could do, when we ask, “What ELSE could we do?”
  • Central will empower our Youth and Young People to be ON MISSION in Portales or to the uttermost parts of the earth! Too many churches lament the lack of involvement from their teens after they graduate high school. We WILL continue to encourage Spiritual Development through our KidZone and AMP Youth Program, but we will also encourage them to be strong enough to share their faith here and abroad.
  • Central will add multiple services to accommodate the growth we EXPECT! As we grow to 80% capacity, we will NEED to add in multiple services-perhaps a Friday or Saturday NIGHT service will fit the bill. I do NOT see a need to build a new campus, but continued maintenance and refurbishment of our current campus is a necessity! As we grow, we will involve more and connect more, so we MUST look to where we COULD be, not where we’ve been. God WILL bless these dreams…when we TRUST Him and TRY new ways to get His message of hope across, He WILL come through for us! We must dream big and work small!