SpringTraining 4 – giving and serving

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“Put me in, Coach!”  Baseball is in the air and it’s time for Spring Training!  Join us as Don looks at spiritual disciplines and the impact they have on our lives!  “We must be deliberate and intentional to grow and, if our GOAL is relationship with ALMIGHTY GOD, we’ve got work to do!”  As we give to God we remember that, “Generosity isn’t measured by how much you give away, but by how much you keep for yourself!”  Are we giving God our best (our first fruits)?  And, as we look at service we see that, “if we want a closer walk with the Lord, we must walk LIKE the Lord and let Him renovate our hearts!”  This incredible Sunday time of worship includes words and music from our Central Wired Praise Team, led by Franklin Smith, and a communion meditation by Jack Willis.  Thanks for listening and…  Shalom!