The IMPACT of Worship

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HOW do you deal with “Storms” in your life? God challenges us to PRAISE HIM in THE STORM! Now that’s hard to do sometimes, but God doesn’t want us to worship because HE needs it, but rather because WE need it! He knows that “What we worship, shapes us!” And how we choose to deal with our struggles should be through the intentional act of worship! This incredible Sunday time of worship, includes words and music from our Central Wired Praise Team, led by Franklin Smith; a special description of Pentecost that features ANDY MASON leading our Worship Team in music; and a special song from guest artists WON BY ONE from Pepperdine University! The whole day was focused on Worship and our prayer is that you are encouraged by this podcast and empowered to put your praise where it belongs: On God! Shalom