Something Don’d On Me! 1-8-20

As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning.” Exodus 17:11

 “We’re going to war with the Amelikites. Joshua, you go fight, and I’ll stand on this hill and with this staff and call on God to win this war!” That’s how Moses started this whole encounter. A simple “logistics” meeting…everyone had a purpose and a place in this battle. Aaron and Hur were friends/brothers of Moses…and THEY went up on the hill with Moses. So Moses held up his hands in prayer…and Joshua and the Israelite army started to win. But when Moses grew tired, his hands came down…and so did the strength of the Israelite Army. So, the 2 buddies grabbed some rocks, had Moses sit down, and they stood by his side, holding up his arms. The story finishes like this:
“Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset. So, Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword.” Exodus 17:12-13
A battle won…because arms were held high. A simple formula: Arms up=we win, Arms down=we getting pounded! Could we be missing something from this battle journal, that could help us in our daily wars?
‘Cause let’s be honest…some days are wars, right? Some days, it’s a BATTLE to get the kids dressed, to go back to that job, to do one more load of laundry, to take those meds one more time, to face the loneliness or the stress or the addiction-one…more…time. Some of you fight battles that I can’t even fathom. Some are dealing with chronic health problems that seem to never go away. Some are care-givers for aging parents or special needs children. Some battle the loneliness of a spouse that has left or has passed away. Some are a war with the financial burdens of raising children…or paying off choices made long ago. Some long for a child…and that longing hurts more every day. It all seems like…well, a war.
Moses had good friends around him. I don’t see Moses ASK those guys to help him! They just did. They watched the same battle. They saw the same thing-when Moses lowers his arms, we all lose. So they jumped in with some help! It had to be tiring for them too! But they did it! Do you have good friends around you?  Do you have people that have jumped in and helped when YOU were tired? Maybe it’s a sister or a friend. Maybe it’s a spouse or a parent. Maybe…it was just an encouraging text at just the right time. If you have good friends in your corner, that have helped YOU keep your arms up…TAKE TIME TO TELL THEM THANK YOU! Don’t wait for a funeral or a special moment…just tell them thanks right now!
And maybe we need the EYES of those two friends…to see when OUR FRIENDS’ arms are getting tired and life is wearing them down! Could you show up and bring a coffee to a friend? Could you take the “kids for a couple of hours” while she takes a nap or runs to Walmart? We are so good to bring meals when people are coming home from the hospital or after a death in the family. Should it wait until THOSE TIMES? Maybe we take a meal or cookies…just for the grins of it??? What if a simple act of love…could be THAT THING that kept her arms up one more day?
One more thing: Moses…LET THEM help him! We are often buried under the pressure of “We have to have it all together!” If Moses would’ve waved them off and said “Oh no…I can do this”-well, we don’t know how it would’ve played out…but I’d guess not well. If someone is trying to help you, can you do this for me: LET THEM! Don’t steal the opportunity of YOUR “Aaron or Hur” to help lift YOUR arms! Let them come alongside…let them stand with you. It doesn’t make you WEAK or a loser…it makes you a compassionate person THAT IS HUMAN!!!
We say it often: We are Central…and we’re in this together! Let’s make 2020 a year where we #go there TOGETHER! Let us link arms and stand TOGETHER in our battles…knowing the Lord is fighting. We just need to stand as one!
May your arms lift His name high…and when they are weary, may we come alongside and hold you up!
Shalom Alachiem! PEACE be unto you all!