Something Don’d on Me! 10-2-19

“See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!”  – I John 3:1
I read an interesting story this last week that really impacted me. His name was Isak, and he was from Krakow, Poland. He was a young Jewish man who wanted to build a temple to God…but he was poor. One night, he had a dream. In the dream, he was told to go to Prague, and dig under the bridge that went into the King’s Palace, and there, he would find gold! So he went!
            When he got to Prague, he immediately found the path, the bridge, and he began to dig! As he was digging under the bridge, he was found by a guard. When asked what he was doing, Isak decided to tell the truth. He told the guard that he had a dream of the gold and he had to come dig.
            The guard began to laugh. “Why, just last night, I also had a dream! I dreamt that in Krakow, there was a man by the name of Isak, and if I was to go to his home and move his stove and dig under his floor, I would find gold! Now do you think I’m so stupid as to go there to that Jewish city with hundreds of men named Isak and look for gold?”
            So the guard released Isak, and he began the long journey home. Upon arriving, he went into the house, he moved his stove. He began to dig in the dirt under the stove…and discovered gold! He used the gold…and he built a great temple to God in his hometown of Krakow!
            So what’s the point? Many times, what you WANT and NEED is near you. But often, to find it, you must go on a long journey! In our culture, we spend a LOT of time looking for joy and fulfillment. Many times, we SEEK TREASURE, but joy often comes when we SEE the treasure of everyday life! We want to know that we make a difference, but fulfillment comes when we discover that we are a treasure in God’s eyes!
            You may be having an awful week. You may tired and worn out from work. Things at home may not be great.  And finances may be stressing you. Can you hear this: You ARE a treasure to the Lord! You are loved. You are wanted. And you are VALUABLE! It may have been a long journey for you to hear this, but it’s right here: You are the treasure that HE WANTS! And He KEEPS seeking you!

When you see who you ARE, through HIS eyes…you’ll see a TREASURE!

Shalom Alachiem, Don