Something Don’d on Me! 2-13-19

“You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3
‘If anything becomes more fundamental than God to your happiness, meaning in life, and identity, then it is an idol.’ –
Tim Keller, The Reason For God

I’ve always been fascinated with the first TWO of the Ten Commandments-the first says “No other gods”…then right after it, “no graven images”. It always seemed a bit redundant to me. Until you go a bit deeper. And that Tim Keller quote above dug deep into me-what IS fundamental to me?
The God of the Bible declares that He should get first place and should hold that place securely. But too often, I let other things wedge their way into a place of priority…can I get an “Oh Yeah” from anyone?
At Central, we’ve made a big deal about L1 and L2- Love God First, and Love Neighbors! But sometimes, we skip over L1! We MEAN to put Him first…but life gets in the way. We have soccer practice, and piano lessons. We have meals to prepare and shoes to tie. We have to pay those bills. We have to do those crafts for Valentines Day or St. Patricks Day or Arbor Day or whatever. NONE of those things are bad! ALL of them are good! But too often, they slide into first place on our “happiness” or “fulfillment” list.
And therein lies one of the enemy’s BEST TOOLS: “Just distract them!” I think too often we think of Satan as ANTI religion or ANTI family-what if he could USE those GOOD things, to keep you from something GREAT??
Which leads us back to this commandment: IS there something that has TOO HIGH of a priority in your life? Is WORRY keeping you from sleeping at night? (That means YOU are trying to fix things and not Him!) Is MONEY stressing you out? (Is money the GOAL or a means to doing something?) Are the ACTIVITIES exhausting you and keeping you from prayer and study? Who has FIRST POSITION in your life?
I read a story about ships in the “olden” days. Before the time of modern GPS, ships that crossed the Atlantic often had TWO separate compasses. One was on the deck, near the steering section, but the other was often fastened high up on one of the masts. A sailor would have to climb the mast to check it to be certain they were still on course. A passenger once asked, “Why do you have two compasses?” The captain replied, “This is an iron vessel, and the compass on deck is often affected by the surroundings. But the one on the masthead-it’s above the influence of what’s around us. That’s why we steer by the one above-it’s more reliable.”
Are you steering by YOUR SURROUNDINGS? Or do you have a TRUE NORTH that is above what is going on around you? Our God wants FIRST PRIORITY-He commands that you have nothing BUT Him in that guidance position. I promise…He is a MUCH better guide than you!