Something Don’d On Me! 3-11-20

“The role of the leader is to define reality and give hope.” Napoleon Bonaparte
Defining reality is difficult. It requires us to look in the mirror and see things, or examine and hear things that we may not like or even want to acknowledge. Like what that scale REALLY says about how much you’ve eaten or how little you’ve been to the gym! Yes…THAT reality is hard. And we may not LIKE what it says…but sometimes we need to hear it.
A reality we have to face is this: Young people leave the church at a staggering rate. A Lifeway Publishing survey from 2017 said that 68% of students that were active in their church during their high school years were NOT active in the church during their college years. That’s hard to read. It’s difficult to swallow. We CARE about our teens! We pray for them! We WANT them to have an active walk with the Lord…in High School AND after!

The survey went on to share this tidbit of truth: The Five Strongest Predictors of Students STAYING Active in Church Include:

  • Adults that invest in them between ages 15-18
  • Students that regularly read the Bible privately prior to age 18
  • Students that WANT the Church to help guide their decisions in everyday life
  • Parents that genuinely like Church
  • Father attends & participates in Church regularly

By no means are these five the ONLY factors, but these are five PREDICTORS!
“YIKES, DON…what can we do?” Believe me…I’ve been staring at these stats for days and its almost overwhelming! But we are NOT to walk in fear…we walk in FAITH. We work FROM HIS VICTORY…not for our victory! So let’s do that!
It’s CLEAR that adults HAVE influence…and we need to USE THAT MORE! We need to POUR INTO our teens…pray for them and with them! We need to spend TIME with them-investing in THEIR decisions, and pointing them to a Church Family that wants to help! PARENTS: your students WATCH how important Church is to you…and it is a factor in how important Church is to THEM! Especially DADS!  And when we say “Bible Believing and Bible USING Church”…it’s clear that we cannot back down on the use of the Bible in our personal lives!
PLEASE KNOW THIS: Our Teens MATTER to us at Central! Our main focus areas are Children, Young Adults and Young Families! We continue to have AMP and we are currently searching for the right person(s) to help lead and mentor our teenagers! God is GOING to open the right door for us soon in that arena-PLEASE KEEP PRAYING WITH US IN THIS MATTER! We continue to invest in our Campus House Ministry…to KEEP those students at ENMU connected with the Church and with their Faith Walk! And we WANT our Young adults (whether in Junior High, High School or AFTER High School!)engaged with Jesus AND the Church!
Will you take just a moment as you read this…and pray for our young people? Pray that God is leading them, guiding them, and that they see HIM? Will you pray for our Student Ministries-that God is choosing the correct person for us? And will you ask Him to make YOU an influencer of the students that are around you?? We mean it…we are CENTRAL, and we are in this TOGETHER!
SHALOM ALACHIEM (May His Peace Be Upon You)