Something Don’d On Me! 3-4-20

“Then he told them, “As you go into all the world, proclaim the gospel to everyone.”
Mark 16:15

When Jesus wanted to spread the Gospel message…He gave it to us. Simple, flawed humans…and He said “As you go…” with the implication that we WILL be all over the place and we WILL proclaim how good our God is!!
Since we launched the 20/20 Vision in 2013, this Church family has had a desire to reach out to the Hispanic population of our area! We realize that over 60% of our County is Hispanic and many do not speak English…and that has ALWAYS been something we have wanted to address. In the past few months, we have made connection with a group that is going to help us in that area…and I’m pleased to announce that our Pastoral Board has voted unanimously to add this ministry on to our Missions Plan immediately! Please help me pray for FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH!
Foundations of Faith was launched in 2015 by a group of Christian businessmen, with the purpose of spreading the Gospel and ministering mainly to Spanish-speaking workers of the dairies in and around Portales. With the permission of the dairy owners, they visit with workers, build relationships and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Foundations of Faith has the opportunity at several dairies to have Bible studies during breaks or shift changes. In 2019, they led 124 people to Jesus!! The ministry has grown to include 2 Full-Time Spanish speaking Chaplains who visit over 30 dairies…and they are now reaching out and connecting with Hampton Farms, a nursing home, and even calf ranches!
One of the NEWEST things to come about is English Language Classes! They are offering these to connect with people…and they are using the Bible to do it…RIGHT HERE IN PORTALES! Classes started in February and they are held on Thursdays at Emmanuel Baptist Church…and they are FREE! If you would like to help with these classes (teach, help with childcare, etc), contact Veronica Nunez at 575-825-1520.
Another amazing development is the outreach to Guatemalan workers in our area. There is a community of people that moved here from this Central American country and have settled around Clovis. They speak a different dialect (KICHE) and Foundations of Faith has been able to obtain Bibles in THEIR LANGUAGE…and they are ministering to them and baptizing people every day!
Our Pastoral Board is working to be Pro-active and we are working to meet the needs of people in THIS AREA!! Please help us PRAY for “Foundations of Faith” and the outreach there…as well as our MANY other Mission Works: the New Mexico Christian Children’s Home, the work in the Dominican Republic, our plans to send a LOT of people to Church camp this year, Ghana Christian College…and so much more. We continue to look at other ways to advance the Kingdom, and impact lives here in Portales. We partner with Brown Early Childhood Center to bless teachers and students right here! We have been strongly connected with the Food Bank of ENM, and continue to work towards a permanent site for the Food Distribution here in Portales. And we strongly support the work of the Ministerial Alliance-to help out struggling families with utilities and much more right here in Roosevelt County.
When we say “We are Central…and we’re in this together!” We mean it! We want to be SALT and LIGHT to our community! Will you pray with us and stand with us in this matter?? God is doing AMAZING things in Portales…let’s keep walking WITH Him!
Shalom Alachiem, Don