Something Don’d on Me! 7-17-19

“My cup runs over…” Psalm 23:5

This should be the easiest thing to write ever. As we’ve been looking at the Shepherd’s Psalm, I knew the phrases that would be hard (“valley of shadow of death”, “rod and staff”, etc), but I expected this one to be easy. Everyone knows what this means, right?
My cup runs over.” When I read it, I see the image of an attentive host that supplies everything I need, BEFORE I ask for it! Have you ever been to a restaurant with a VERY GOOD server? They always re-fill the tea glass BEFORE it’s just down to ice. They bring EXTRA napkins, because they see you come in with kids…and you KNOW you’ll need those eventually! They double check with you to see if you got enough gravy with your chicken fried steak! (Spoiler alert…there is no such thing as “enough” gravy with chicken fried steak…but I digress…) The attentive host wants your glass not only full…but OVERFLOWING!
Our Shepherd makes sure we are full. If you’ve forgotten, glance up in that 23rd Psalm to verse 1: “The Lord is my Shepherd, I SHALL NOT WANT.” In one version, that last part reads: “I have all that I need.” We DO have all we need…but sometimes we forget that! We see the tough times and the conflict and how much money is NOT in the bank account…and we forget that first line!
Then why do we have such a hard time with hard times? Do we forget who Our Shepherd is? Do we think He has fallen down on the job? Do we question His Ability to handle the disappointments and brokenness we face each day? Actually…I wonder if we focus too much on the problems, and forget to look at the cup that we DO have! Charles Spurgeon once wrote, “If He be a Shepherd to no one else, He is a Shepherd to me! He cares for me, watches over me, and preserves me!”

Is your cup half-full or half-empty? It’s the age-old question of how you look at life: are you a pessimist or an optimist? I think all of us have a little of both in us! Some days, it’s easy to see how ¾ full the cup is…and other days, you wonder if there’s anything at ALL in the cup! Maybe the Shepherd is trying to remind us to look BEYOND the cup, and focus on the SUPPLIER! Our Shepherd does NOT want us thirsty-He wants us to drink from His Cup and never thirst again! (John 4:14) Our Attentive Host will give us MORE than we can ask or even imagine! (Eph. 3:20) He doesn’t just want us to HAVE hope in our life, He wants to fill us with joy and peace, so that you may OVERFLOW with hope! (Romans 15:13)
The Hebrew word for “Runs over” in Psalm 23:5 can also be translated “saturated.” I love the sound of that: soaked, through and through, dripping with the love that He has poured over us! The picture that the Psalmist is trying to draw for us is of a Shepherd that wants to give you MORE than you can contain… lavish His love on you…heaping helpings of hope piled on you…and a cup that will NEVER run dry again!
So maybe this IS the easiest phrase of this series to write…But you still struggle BELIEVING it. Take a moment to re-read this…soak in this Psalm…and be reminded of how much our Shepherd loves EVEN YOU! And I bet in just a few minutes, you can be thinking of what ALL He has done in your life!
Shalom Alachiem- I wish PEACE unto all of you!