Something Don’d on Me! 7-24-19

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” John 13:35
I grew up going to a thing they would call a Youth Rally. We’d pack up a bunch of teens in a van and drive them someplace for a Saturday, pack them in pews in some church, march a parade of preachers up on stage, and feed these kids soggy PB&J sandwiches before we sent them back home. They were really fun (other than the soggy sandwiches) and we really grew together a lot.

One of the songs we ALWAYS sang at these things was “We Are One in the Spirit”-it was an official church teen anthem in those days. And most people recognize the chorus of the song: “And they’ll know we are Christians, by our love…by our love…yes, they’ll KNOW we are Christians by our love.” That lyric comes from the verse referenced above: “your love will PROVE you are my disciples!” It’s not measured by WHAT church we go to, or THAT we go to church, or the little fish symbol on our car…it’s proven in HOW we love!
How do you prove your love to someone? Maybe you get your significant other flowers or candy on Valentines Day. Perhaps you pick out something special for their birthday! Or maybe you just spend time with them, doing what they want to do! You PROVE your love for them in your actions! You say the words and perform the deeds that PROVE your love!
I saw LOVE shown in some powerful ways recently! During our “We Love Portales” event, I saw people hauling trash from yards…serving people that don’t even go to church with us!! I saw families giving out donuts and hugging on First Responders! I saw meals purchased and runners encouraged! I saw sweat being poured out in 104 degree heat…and it SHOWED love! I’ve seen it in sponsors at Elementary Camp this week! Even tired, they are loving on kids-giving hugs, encouraging them to worship and pouring into their spirits! I see it every week, when our Praise Team works hard to get us all in a space where the Holy Spirit can move us! I see love shown in the people that make coffee, that serve as greeters, that clean our church building, and that volunteer at AMP or KidZone! Love is TRULY a verb!
And THEY will know…by our love! “THEY” in this song, seems to be the world OUTSIDE of the Church Building! I pray that they KNOW we are different because of Whose we are!And I pray that we CONTINUE to prove it to the world that we really ARE His Disciples!We have MANY MORE opportunities to serve and show love coming up soon…and we WANT YOU to be a part! So that the world may KNOW Him, in whom we have our Trust!

I read this quote one time: “When you love others, it not only changes the world…it changes you!” May we be transformed every day more into the likeness of our Savior! And may Portales KNOW that we love our town! To God be the GLORY!!