Something Don’d on Me! 7/3/19

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; my cup runs over.” Psalm 23:5

The TABLE is a place where we gather!Now sometimes, it’s covered with homework and papers. Other times, it’s craft projects and patterns. Still other times, the “Table” is the “Catch-All” place in the home. But the HOME TABLE has always been a focal point of togetherness. Some of my FAVORITE memories are holiday meals with extended family telling stories and laughing around a table decorated with love. Or maybe it was a special birthday dinner for a loved one! And honestly, I LOVE sitting with my small family around our table…eating, asking what we did that day, and seeing my children all together. (Then someone spills something or picks their nose and all chaos breaks loose…so I’ve kinda shattered the illustration here…but you get the point!) The Table was designed to be a place of joy, of favor and of community!
In this Shepherd’s Psalm, David has a peculiar line: You prepare a table…in the presence of my enemies?” Why would Almighty God-who claims to be my protecting Shepherd and only wants good for me-invite my worst enemies over for Hamburger Helper?? I was really stumped by THIS part of the Psalm! But as I soaked on this passage, I felt the Lord saying, “Who said I INVITED them?”  It’s as if Creator God says, “I’m making dinner and they come in…and you have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT!”
The Author has spent all these verses showing His Protection and Providence. I wonder if this is just Him “kicking it up a notch?” The verse has promised us that He LEADS us. The passage confirms that He RESTORES and COMFORTS us. He IS the Great Shepherd! His Rod and His Staff-they keep away the things that will kill our souls! I wonder if maybe this MAY be one of the most POWERFUL statements in this beloved poem: Even in the valleys, even in the tough times, even when those that are your enemies surround you…My God prepares you a safe place of community, and you can sit with Him…WITHOUT FEAR!
Some of you reading this right now…you feel like Satan is just hammering at you in every direction! My God has pulled up a chair in your home and He is starting dinner. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Some of you reading this right now…you don’t even REALIZE that Satan has poured himself a cup of coffee and made himself comfortable in your home. Ask God to SHOW YOU the real enemy and how he is a part of your life!

Take a minute to just RE-READ that verse 5, slowly. It is OUR SHEPHERD-our personal friend-that prepares this table. He doesn’t just THROW stuff out there…He sets the table, chooses the cutlery and dining ware. He sets the music. The lighting is just right. The temperature is comfortable. Because He wants YOU to sit and dine with Him! Yes, there may be enemies in your life. And Yes, there may interruptions to our Banquet meal. But our Shepherd is taking time, MAKING time…to sit with you. He wants to commune with you.And He is not scared of you or the enemies around you. Because He wants to be with you.
Will you come and sit at the Table with Him?
Shalom Alachiem