Something Don’d On Me! (rejoice)

“In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and haven’t strayed away!” Luke 15:7 (NLT)

Way back…a long time ago…before COVID…I went to concerts! I LOVE live music! I’ve gone to a lot of Rock, Country, Jazz and Christian Concerts over the years. Whether it was at a classic theater, a giant sports arena, an outdoor amphitheater, or a county fair, the concert atmosphere is usually the same. It’s exciting! People have often driven for miles! Fans often buy T-shirts and “represent”! The excitement continues to build until the lights go out and that first drum beat pounds through your chest! The curtain drops and the crowd erupts – cheering, jumping, clapping, screaming…I love that moment!
Now…imagine a scene that is similar, but instead of an amphitheater & a band, it’s the “Streets of Gold” and a huge crowd of ANGELS! They are cheering and screaming-loud whistles and “woo hoots” fill the air! But instead of chanting for the Band or singing the lyrics of the opening song…they are cheering, screams from full lungs and clapping…for you!
That’s what Scripture says happens when ONE SINNER changes their ways! One sinner repenting creates more racket than ALL the Classic Rock bands on tour every summer!!
Luke 15 opens with some of the Parables of Jesus. He starts a story of a man that has 100 sheep, loses 1, and He leaves the 99 to go after the ONE. That one sheep was so precious to Him, that He REFUSES to leave him behind! Instead of accepting that loss and abandoning that sheep to the elements, the Shepherd goes after him! And when He finds that sheep, He invites His friends and neighbors to party, to celebrate and to CHEER with Him!
Friends…YOU are that one! You are the one He is looking for! Leaving 99 to find one doesn’t make ANY sense…until that one is YOU! YOU are so valuable to our Father, that He will NOT abandon you! Someone needs to hear that today! You may FEEL like you are lost and no one sees your struggle. Your Heavenly Father is searching for you! And He will not leave you to be eaten by the world! You ARE cherished by Him. He will NOT leave you in your sinfulness and your brokenness.
And when you SEE Him…that cheering is what is happening in heaven…FOR YOU!When you surrender those fears, burdens, and shame, all the throng of Heaven is celebrating! They are wearing YOUR T-shirt! They are singing songs…ABOUT YOU! And the noise…wow, I can only imagine that!
Today…take a breath…and picture that scene! Think about the cheering of angels and the roar of THAT crowd! Ponder the celebration we will have! And let the GRACE OF GOD wash over you! He forgives! He searches for you! And YOU ARE PRECIOUS to Him! Now THAT…is a concert I can’t WAIT to see!
Almighty God…thank You for Your Mercy! May we be reminded today of how You search for us! Help me show your forgiveness to others today! And may truly SEE You and SHOW You this week! In Jesus Name, Amen
May Peace and Celebration Be YOUR Concert Today!