Something Don’d on Me! 9-26-19

I got nuthin’. You’re just reading this article…but I’ve been staring at this screen for quite some time…trying to get my article written. I need to get it done, so I can send it to Candace and she can get it in our Connection Newsletter & send it out, that evidently has happened…because you are currently reading this! I think the professional authors call it “Writers Block”…my professional terminology is this: nuthin’.
Have you ever felt that way in your prayer life? You KNOW you’re supposed to pray…but the words just don’t come. Your Preacher has told you to READ the Word of God…but you just look at it and don’t even know where to start.
So I stare at a blank screen…and I wonder if I have anything to bring to God.  
And suddenly, a story from the Bible comes to mind. There’s a teacher of the Law-he’s a good guy, that goes to church regularly, probably respected by his peers, probably has a family, probably has bills and a mortgage-nothing special, but just an okay dude. He stands up and prays, “Thank you God for the ways you’ve blessed me. Thanks that I’m not like one of those guys (with a slight head nod in the general vicinity of the reviled Tax Collector) because you KNOW all the things I do. I fast…and I put money in those little boxes at the back of the Church…and I sing and I clap when Franklin tells me to (Friends don’t let friends clap on the 1 and the 3) and I go to Bacon Brothers/The Table/Monday Night Ladies Class/Spectrum (Whatever age group you are in!)- you’ve got my Spiritual Resume’, God…Thank you for that!”
But another guy-one that just needed a job, so he took the only one he could get (Tax Collector) and was labeled a Traitor by his friends-he just stands at a distance and prays. No resume’. No list of good behaviors. Not even a request for “blessings from above.” Just a simple sentence: “Have mercy on me.”
If I’m being really honest…I’ve been the first guy more than the latter. WAY more times. Listing off the good things I’ve done. Comparing myself to others that have done bad. I think I hurt my elbow from patting myself on the back so many times. And in my prayer life, far too often, I come with an agenda. “Here’s what I need this week, God!”

But FAR TOO FEW times have I been the “other guy.” Very rarely, do I list my sins to Him. Seldom, is the focus of my prayer a “contrite heart.” Only once in a blue moon, do I “Confess.” This “other guy” was just broken. He didn’t beg. He didn’t have a Christmas list. He just simply said, “I’m a sinner.”
So I sit here and stare at a blank screen…and I got nuthin’. And maybe you’re reading this on your phone and you’re right there with me. Nuthin’ to say…nuthin’ to ask…maybe, even you feel like nuthin’. Maybe that’s what God wants from both of us: NUTHIN’. Maybe He doesn’t want us to SAY anything, or ASK anything…He just wants us to BE WITH HIM??
How is YOUR prayer life today? Maybe you should put down the phone (or the mouse, or the printed bulletin)  and just bring Him your NUTHIN’? Just “Be still and know that He is God.” And that you and I are not. Our God hears your nuthin’…and I think He says, “That’s what I wanted from you all along.”
Shalom Alachiem-May HIS Peace reign over your heart…and may you lack…nuthin’.