Let Me Be Frank… disciples

14 I myself am convinced, my brothers and sisters, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with knowledge and competent to instruct one another. 
Romans 15:14

What does it look like to disciple others?  Many of us may be worried we’ll say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing and the opportunity will be lost.  In this world of microwave immediacy, discipleship looks more like a crock pot.  Let me explain.

We’ve had Yeager since he was a puppy.  When he was little, he would move away the instant I started pouring water into the metal bowl we’ve used forever.  If I wasn’t careful the water would splash all over the place and apparently Yeager has a “wet dog” thing that he doesn’t like.

Just this week, I filled his bowl like I had done many times before.  Caden takes care of Yeager now for the most part, but I still chip in now and then.  I started to pour, and Yeager stayed.  He didn’t move.  The water bounced off the metal base and a couple of sprays hit him just a little.  Still, he stayed.

I think this is what discipleship looks like.  A life of consistency walking with others.  Pouring into their lives.  Asking them about their kids.  Crying with them when they hurt and cheering when they win.  Consistency breeds confidence.

We all have someone that we have considered inviting to church.  Maybe even sharing the gospel with them during a hard time.  If you’ve truly walked with them, they’ll stay for the conversation.  They know your heart and your words have weight.  The sprays of water (conviction) may hit them, but they won’t move.  They’ll stay.  They’ll stay because they know you are invested in them.

Are you worried about how someone will respond to your faith?  If you are living your faith, then they’ve already seen it.  They’ve already seen the transformation happening even more than you do.  Trust the Holy Spirit to give you the right time to say the right words.  And don’t be afraid to ask a question and listen.  You stay too.

I’m convinced, even if you aren’t, that you are filled with goodness and competent to instruct.  And I see you pouring into others as you walk with them.  As you pour, be reminded that they aren’t going anywhere.  Consistency breeds confidence. 

Be confident in the Lord and share His love today.  Can’t wait to share with you this weekend!

Soli Deo Gloria!
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